Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothing but trouble...Menino Arretado!

Pra quem acha que o Antônio não cresceu muito, essa é a baciazinha que usávamos para dar banho nele na UTIN... agora só dá pra lavar os pés ou a bundinha!
Fo those who think Antônio did not grow much, this is the tub we used to give him a bah while at the NICU... now we con only use to wash his feet or his butt!

Te cuida Latorraca!

Watch out Brad Pitt!


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SweetB1705 said...

Watch out Brad Pitt is right!!! So I heard I missed Antonio's visit to the NICU. Aww, I wish I would have been here to see him. Cathy said he looked sooo cute with his little legs and sandals. Sorry I wasn't here to see my lil boyfriend! Enjoy the summer with him! ~Bridget